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We got the best Online Weed Deals in town!

All Online Weed Deals on this page are honored in our Tekonsha Store.

Tekonsha Daily Dealz


*Sunday Funday

Treat YOURSELF-Pick a deal below

*Monster Monday

All MONSTER carts, concentrates & edibles B1G1 75% OFF. ***ALL other edibles B1G1 50% off!

*Tier Drop Tuesday

All flower drops to the next lowest tier

*Wild Weedsday

*15% off-Some exclusions apply


*Med carts-5/$100, Rec carts-5/$120

*Stiiizy-3/$100 or 4/$120

*Friday Flower

**Manager pick** ALL flower drops to $8/g for Med & $12/g for Rec

*Super Pre-Roll Saturday

👀**Manager pick**Pre Roll specials-👀10/01/22👀

*House Rolls-MED-7/$30, REC-10/$50

*Rec-North .5g/5pk-$30 

*Rec-Cloud Cover 1g-3/$30

*HOG 1g 3pk-2/$65

*Doinks 1g blunt-4/$45

*Rec-Fluresh .5g/5pk-2/$35

*Cali Blaze/Fawn River/HLF/Grow Haven/Fello 1g PR-$5 BUCKS

*Cali Blaze 1.2g infused PR-3/$35/3pk infused-3/$45

*Med-Unloc Gardens 1g/High Life Farms 1g/Fluresh .7g PR-5/$20-All other MED PR-B2G2/2 pennies

*Med & Rec multipacks-30% off (mix-n-match)

Tekonsha Weekly Dealz | September 26-October 02 👀🔥👀


***Please note dealz CAN NOT be combined with any other offers! No stacking of dealz.


*$60oz-Mandarin Cookies(S)-19% THC (SMALLS)

*$85oz-Orange Creamsicle(S)-15.84% THC, SFV OG(H)-20.1% THC, Georgia Pie(H)-21.3% THC

*$70 half/$100oz-Garlic Mints(I)-25.14% THC

*$125oz-Jet Fuel Gelato(H)-25.49% THC, Apples & Bananas(H)-27.34% THC

*$90 half/$150oz-N/A


*All PR’s B2G1/penny *DOES NOT INCLUDE infused and multipacks

*Med Trugro .7g PR-6/$20

*Fwaygo infused PR-2/$45

*Multipacks 20% off!


*All Cannalicious .5g carts-12/$100

*HYPE/Blaze Canna/Fwaygo/Church 1g carts-9/$100 or 4/$55

*MKX/Monster 1g carts/pods-8/$100 or 4/$55

*Claw/HLF/GloTensity 1g carts/pods-7/$100 or 3/$55

*Platinum Vapes/Oasis/Drip 1g cart-6/$100 or 3/$55

*All carts not listed above- 25% off


*HLF Royal 100MG Sleigh Ride-$5


*Motor City Cannabites

*Choice 100MG Blue Razz Soft Chews, Mojos, Pretzel Bites


*HLF Petra Mints(All Flavors)-$8

*Cookies-n-Cream, Strawberry Milkshake, Thin Mint, S’mores & Key Lime 200MG Midnight Bar-$15


*All other edibles not listed above-B1G1 50% off!


    *Evo 1g Shatter-$25

    *Element waxes-7/$100

    *Monster waxes-6/$110

     *Rkive 1g Resin-4/$100

     *B1G1 50% off all concentrates or 20% off a single


 *10 % off daily!

***Please note dealz CAN NOT be combined with any other offers! No stacking of dealz.


*$65 OUNCE-Russian Snow(I)-14.28% THC

*$85 OUNCE-Triangle Mints(H)-17.5% THC, Pineapple Express(S)-19.25% THC, Starforce(I)-19.33% THC

*$100 OUNCE-Cherry Garcia(H)-18.7% THC, Tropicana Cherry(S)-20.73% THC

*125 OUNCEWhite Runtz(H)-20.43% THC, Apex(S)-22% THC Mezcal(H)-23.17% THC

*$90half/$150oz or 2/$250-Mandarin Zkittlez(H)-24.4% THC, Platinum Kush Mints(H)-25.08% THC, Motorbreath(I)-27.5% THC, Up North(H)-33.08% THC

 *$100 half/$200oz-N/A


*Cali Blaze/Fawn River/HLF 1g PR-$5 BUCKS

*Cali Blaze 1.2g infused PR-3/$35-3pk infused-3/$45

*Crude Boys 1g, Unloc Garden 1g, Fello/ Common Citizen 1g PR  B2G1/penny

*STIIIZY 2G Blunts-3/$100

*Fello 5pk-2/$35

*HOG 1g 3pk-2/$65

*Rec-Doinks 1g blunts-3/$40

*Crude Boys 1g infused Cannons/Tarantula-2/$25

*Fwaygo 1g infused PR-2/$30

*Glorious Infused .5G/2pk or 1G PR-$20 or 2/$35, 3PK-$30 or 2/$50, .5G/4pk PR-$40 or 2/$60-MSU or GO BLUE-who are you?

*15% off multipacks!


💥Old 27 Buds/Mitten/Monster 1g cart 💥10/$100 OR 5/$55🔥

*HYPE/Terp Tanks 1g cart-9/$100 or 4/$55

*Oasis/Crude Boys/MKX 1g cart -8/$100 or 4/$55

*GloTensity/PC Pure/Drip/Fluresh 1g cart-7/$100 or 3/$55

*Claw/Annie Tokeley/Platinum Vapes 1g cart/pods-5/$100 0r 2/$55

*Select 1g cart-4/$100 or 2/$55

*🔅Breeze 1g Disposable vapes🔅 $35 or 3/$90

*All other carts not listed-25% off

***Live Resin/Rosin Carts***

*Fello Resin-4/$100


*Kaneh Co edibles-$6

*Toasted Marshmallow edibles-$8

*Fluresh 100MG gummies-4/$20

*True North edibles-3/$22

*MKX 200MG gummies-4/$40

*Grow Haven 200MG gummies-2/$20

*HLF Kiva/Royal 100MG Chocolate bars-2/$24

*Treetown edibles-2/$19

*Choice Quantum 100MG gummies-3/$25

*Dixie 100MG gummies-25% OFF

*Detroit Edible Bolts-3/$22

*Detroit Fudge Co 100MG Chocolate Bar-3/$22

*Choice 100MG Quicky/Soft Chews/Mojos/Pretzels/Oreos-3/$25

*Choice 200MG Soft Chews-3/$35


*Fluresh/Cannalicious/Crude Boys/Summit/Monster-5/$100

*Play Rosin-3/$100

*Rkive Hash-3/$140

*ALL other waxes B1G1 50% OFF-or 20% off a single!


*10% off daily!

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